1. How will I receive my ebook?

    Once your transaction has been completed, a receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you with download instructions. If you do not receive the email immediately, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us at via our Contact Form.

  2. I didn't receive en email with a download link.

    Sometimes, Paypal doesn't authorize a standard payment immediately, and it can take up to 4 days for a transaction to clear through Paypal. This happens more often if you paid using Paypal's "echeck" option. A "echeck" payment must clear before the system will send the download link.

  3. My Paypal is showing the payment has cleared, but I have not received a email with the download link.

    If your Paypal account is showing that the payment has cleared, but you have NOT received the download link via email, please contact us using our Contact Form, E-mail or phone: 602-478-0132.

  4. How do I open the file I downloaded?

    The files have been packaged together in a single zip file. This requires an “unzip” utility to extract files from the archive.

    Download a trial version of Winzip from www.winzip.com/downwz.htm

    Download a zip/unzip utility for Macintosh (MacZip) from www.maczipit.com

  5. How do I read the ebook pdf?

    The ebook can be read using Acrobat Reader. It's free to use.

  6. I received the email with the download link, but when I input the my email address and code it's telling me "Either your email address or code is incorrect, please try again."

    Please double-check the code you are inputting. It is BEST if you copy & paste the code from the email you received, making sure that you have NO extra spaces before or after the code. The code is case-sensitive.

  7. I accidentally deleted the email with the download instructions.

    Please contact us using our Contact Form, E-mail or phone: 602-478-0132 with your email name, and date of purchase and we can RESEND the email with the download instructions to the email address that was used when purchasing the product.

  8. My computer crashed and I have since changed my email address, can I have the ebook resent to me using a DIFFERENT email address.

    Yes, HOWEVER, you must be able to provide the original email address used to purchase the download, the date of the transaction and the Paypal Transaction ID, which you should be able to get by accessing your Paypal account.