Ebook Excerpt and Table of Contents

The Board of the Lawn Greetings Association has graciously approved the posting of a PORTION of the introductory chapter and the Table of Contents.


There are approximately 301 million people in the US.
100% of those people have Birthdays.

Starting an all occasion lawn greeting business can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Adding all occasion rentals to a “storks only” company can help to bring in additional money during slow times and create additional opportunities for repeat business from the same customers. We will try to provide all the necessary information, helpful links and resources for starting or expanding your own lawn greeting business.

The Newborn announcement market is a fairly small niche, compared to Birthdays and all occasions. Most people don’t have babies every year, they do have birthdays every year.  And while it’s possible to have repeat customers from the same family for newborn announcements, most families will only have 2-3 kids, limiting the number of times they will likely rent a newborn announcement. Now add-on offering Birthdays and all occasion displays, and your options to get additional rentals from that same family goes up for every birthday and special occasion, every year.

Most likely, the majority of rentals requested will be for “over the hill” and milestone birthdays, however, you may get requests for anniversaries, weddings, or other occasions. People are usually willing to pay quite a bit for someone turning 30, 40, 50 or more or celebrating a 30 year anniversary.

The most popular rentals vary for each city or state, but usually flamingos and buzzards seem to always be in demand. Rentals can go in spurts, especially if a popular movie comes out (like Happy Feet – penguin rentals went way up while that movie was popular)

Overview of the FULL Introductory Chapter…

  • Why starting or adding All Occasion rentals to an existing stork business can be a good idea
  • How to determine your pricing
  • How much you may expect to make
  • Why people quit
  • Why some companies seems to charge so much
  • Basic costs a Do-It-Yourselfer can expect to incur

Table of Contents

The Lawn Greetings Association 1
Introduction 2
Business Info 8
Legalities 10
Where To Get Signs 19
Vinyl Cutters & Graphics 44
Indoor Displays 46
Storage Of Critters 47
Running The Business 49
Fundraising Flocking Options 55
Tools To Keep On Hand 57
Setting Up Your Display 59
Picking Up The Display 63
Marketing 64
How To Handle Customers 73
Upsells 75
Website 78
Accepting Credit Cards 95
Recommended Software 98
Getting Big 99
Conclusion 102
Lawn Greetings Lingo 103
Additional Resources 105

The above is an excerpt from the book The Ultimate Lawn Greetings Guide: A Complete Guide From A to Z.  The book was compiled by the author with approval from, and in association with, the Lawn Greetings Association from forum postings and including the authors own experiences. The book is aimed more towards Do-It-Yourselfers looking to add or get started in the lawn greetings industry, however, it does provide lists of all known business opportunity providers and vendors to the industry and additional information on marketing ideas, addons and upsells, website creation, accepting credit card and much more.

Excerpted from The Ultimate Lawn Greetings Guide. Copyright © 2009. Excerpted with permission of the Lawn Greetings Association. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. To read more, purchase this book on the the Ultimate Lawn Greetings Guide Website.

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